When Botox Stops Working

You have been spending over $300 a time for your Botox fix every few months and for some reason the smooth look isn’t there anymore, why could that be. If you see that your wrinkles and crows feet are not being smoothed out as much as they have been then it could be that Botox no longer works on you.

Some botox patients are now complaining that the botox effect is failing them as the drug no longer has the ability to freeze the facial muscles anymore. It seem the more neurotoxin that your body takes in the more likely it will start developing antibodies causing the botox injections to stop working. The effect tends to drop off the more you take and is similar to other drugs that after an extensive period of use can become ineffective.

German researches published in the Journal of Neutral Transmission that one in 200 Botox patients will developbotox not working these antibodies and show sign over time of a decrease in effective wrinkle smoothness across the brow and eye area.

Those patients that needed larger doses for other medical treatments such as sweating and spasms showed signs that the treatment was no longer as effective as it was when the botox injections were first administered. Scientists writing for the British Medical Journal indicated that repeated injections can trigger a form of immune response which leads to a very low response rate to the treatment.

In terms of a time frame it would suggest that those that have been using botox for some 10 years were more likely to be candidates for the drop in effectiveness of botox. What happens is that the body will identify the botox as a foreign body much quicker and tends to break it down at a much faster rate.

Medical practitioners should always warn their patients that there is a risk that over time the Botox will become less effective, even though studies have shown that this would only effect a small proportion of users. One of the other reasons that the treatment becomes in effective could be down to the way the botox is administered and the dosage levels. Some unscrupulous clinics may even be watering down the solution to save money making the dosage less effective.




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